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tv   Journal  LINKTV  July 6, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> you are watching "the journal" on dw live in berlin. our headlines this hour. israeli police arrest several suspects in the killing of a in jerusalem.en ukrainian forces about to press forward after driving out pro-russian separatists from a rebel stronghold. in tennis, novak djokovic beats roger federer to win his second wimbledon title.
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we begin in the middle east, where the fallout from a series of killings of israeli and palestinian teenagers have given rise to some of the most serious tensions in the region that is already on edge. israeli authorities have reportedly apprehended a number of suspects in connection with the murder of palestinian teen mohammed abu khder. meanwhile, the 15-year-old american cousin who was allegedly beaten by israeli security forces has allegedly been sentenced to house arrest. air seems no -- there seems no end in the circle of violence. >> israeli police officers ready themselves for more protests by palestinians. it has been one of the flashpoints of recent riots. it is where the 16-year-old was abducted and murdered. police have arrested six
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suspects. president promised a full investigation. >> we should not cover anything. we shall discover all of the people that acted criminally against somebody else, killed, kidnapped, tortured. >> emotions have been writing -- running high amongst palestinians since the death. many believe the teen was murdered to avenge the killing of three israeli teenagers last month. fire, thel to the beating of his cousin who was visiting jerusalem from the united states. he says israeli police attacked him at a demonstration. >> he hit me in the face. he brutally hit me. >> what is your reason? is something wrong? >> i was unconscious. >> the boy was released on bail
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on sunday but has to spend nine days under house arrest while police investigate his role in the protests. the lease say they will also conduct an internal investigation into the case. we shift our focus to ukraine, where it has been a day of taking stock after pro-russian rebels retreated from their vtronghold of slovyansk as kie bolstered its -- they vowed to keep up the pressure and not allow the militants to start a new push in the east. after three months of fighting, kiev's operation to take back the country is regrouping. government is calling this a turning point. slovyansk has been a pro-russian stronghold for three months. now the separatists are gone and we didn't -- are gone.
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the pro-russian flag has been lowered over another place where the rebels had holed up in spring. the separatist retreat came following a government offensive. separatists lost slovyansk on saturday. on sunday, they retreated. fighters are headed further south towards donetsk, the .egion's largest city pro-russian's are vowing to continue the fight against government forces. with their heavy weapons, they are winning in small towns. they've been trying to get slavonic for three months. let them try -- get slavonic -- slovyansk for three months. let them try to get to don asked -- to donetsk. >> where could we retreat? only to morris. there is nowhere else to go -- to mars.
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there is nowhere else to go. >> separatists are holding onto another regional capital further east. some have been holding further protests there. >> war isn't a way out. civilians die. children and elders are left homeless. >> residence in donetsk also fear war. thousands are protesting against military action, but kiev has signaled it is now preparing to take back this city, too. in kenya have carried out two attacks in the east of the country, leaving more than 20 people dead. the gunman rated coastal -- the gunmen raided out the -- raided the coastal provinces. want to return once again to ,he crisis unfolding in iraq where prime minister nouri al-maliki is coming under increasing pressure to give up
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his bid for a third term in office. there are growing calls to find a new candidate for the post. al-maliki has repeatedly refused calls to step aside. his government has failed to halt the advance of isis, which is pushing towards baghdad. in the capital, troops and volunteers are bracing for battle. >> these young men streaming into a police station in baghdad are determined to stop the advance of isis. they are among thousands who volunteered to fight the sunni jihadists. first, they have to learn how to use a firearm. >> i responded to a call from our spiritual leader, grand ayatollah ali al-sistani, to join the forces. we are determined to expel the .errorists from our country >> the main goal is to keep the
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militants from reaching baghdad. 100 kilometers north of the capital, soldiers are piling up sand to assist in their fight against militants. in the increasingly important governmentrit, forces said they had beaten back an attack on an air force base. south, two car bombs went off in a shiite dominated neighborhood. it was blamed in part on a lack of security. many police are now stationed elsewhere in the country. the latest demand for a political solution came from former prime minister -- from the former prime minister, who said prime minister nouri al-maliki first had to quit. therehe stays on, i think will be a lot of significant problems in the country. will go theat iraq route of dismemberment.
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sayhe volunteer soldiers they will do everything they can to stop this scenario from coming true. in germany, former u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton says she hopes the latest allegations of u.s. spying on germany will not undermine cooperation between washington and berlin. ina presentation here berlin, clinton said the two countries have important security and intelligence relationships that should not be put at risk. last week, a man working for germany's foreign intelligence agency was arrested on suspicion of being a double agent. prosecutors allege he handed documents to the u.s. over the past two years. german chancellor angela merkel has kicked off a three-day tour of china, billed as a business trip meant to strengthen ties between two of the country's -- the world's most critical economies.
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it is a tough balancing act for merkel, who has to be cautious not to anger one of germany's most important trading partners. withgela merkel met chinese premier li keqiang on thursday. it is her seventh visit to china since she has been chancellor. earlier in the day, she visited central china. a stop at the local market was a chance for her and her high-ranking business delegation to familiarize themselves with the city. thebooming capital of southwestern province is home to more than 100 german companies. china is germany's second-largest trading partner outside of the ae you -- the ey. -- the eu. the growing middle class here wants to drive these cars. this volkswagen factory turns out nearly half a million cars annually. more than 7000 people work here. are manyid there
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opportunities for cooperation between germany and china, despite differences on issues like human rights and economic policy. merkel also visited the center for children of migrant workers, nudge to diplomatic beijing, which has been slow to integrate the country's marginalized rural migrants into there will workforce -- into their workforce. >> time for sports headlines. novak djokovic has won his second wimbledon title, defeating roger federer in a five-set marathon. after almost four grueling hours, novak djokovic finally defeated roger federer in what money -- many are already calling a tennis classic. federer won the first set. djokovic took the next two. he was leading in the fourth set, but federer battled back.
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the fifth and final set was truly a battle of wills with each player being careful not to have their serve broken. in the 10th game, federer started to wilt. the serb took the set 6-4 and the title. it was djokovic's first grand slam winning almost 1 1/2 years. and under the gaze of his coach, boris becker, he becomes the new world number one. >> motorsports now. lewis hamilton has won. he closed the gap between himself and the overall leader and teammate, nico prospered -- nico rosberg. it was his second season when. -- win. the third went to daniel. rosberg dropped out because of gearbox problems.
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team crashed. the resumption was delayed for an hour. one suffered a bruised hip while another escaped uninjured. there is a battle going on at the top of the standings. it is all within the same team. rosberg is now only four points ahead of his teammate, lewis hamilton, after nine races this season. third place goes to daniel ricciardo of red bel -- bull. sebastian vettel moves down to s ixth spot. to the tour de france. he outraced the pack over 200 kilometers. kittel only marcel wore the yellow jersey for one day after taking saturday's sprint. he had no chance in day two.
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a number of riders tried to break away from the pack, but the one who succeeded was it only's vincenzo nibali. in made his move just for the finish line, winning by 2 seconds. it is the italian's first stage victory at the tour de france. he now wears the yellow jersey. >> and to the world cup now. standing teams left after the quarterfinals drew to a fast and furious close last night. the netherlands opitz spot in the next round with a thrilling win over costa rica -- the netherlands booked a spot in the next round with a thrilling win over costa rica. it was a hard-fought match that kept fans on the edge of their seats. >> they just couldn't put the ball past costa rica's goalkeeper. costa rica failed to create many chances but were excellent in defense.
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in extra time, they came close, goalkeeper stood firm. in a tactical stroke of genius, the substitute keeper was brought on just in time for the penalty shootout. his teammates put in all four of their penalties. by costad two shots rica. he sealed the deal for the dutch, 4-3. on the streets of amsterdam after a nailbiter that lasted almost two hours. >> super. >> penalties are always scary, but that was fantastic. >> he saved the day for the netherlands, who now face argentina in the semifinals. >> in the semifinals, host brazil play germany. argentina -- argentina and
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netherlands in são paulo on wednesday. that does it for us. thank you so much for watching "the journal." goodbye. >> israel began mourning the death of three jewish teenagers at the start of the week. the bodies of the three were found in a field in the west bank. they were killed shortly after they were abducted on june 12 this really -- june 12. the israeli government blamed hamas for their death. >> we call upon president abbas to unequivocally and immediately break his alliance with hamas. he cannot claim to be a partner in peace if he has a pact with these murderers of children.
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denied alls involvement and accused israel of spinning the truth. >> the killing of the three settlers relies only on israel he tale. the israeli occupation is using this to enforce aggression on the palestinians. >> the israeli army bombed the houses of the two suspects alleged to be behind the killings. the suspects themselves went into hiding. israel made numerous arrests and bombed militant targets in the gaza strip. the killing of a 16-year-old palestinian boy later in the week pushed tensions to a new level. abducted from outside his family home in east jerusalem, his burned body was found in a nearby forest. palestinians clashed with israeli police. the israeli government condemns the killing of the palestinian boy as a, quote, "despicable act," but that did little to calm tensions. >> powerful images of the recent tensions in egypt won coach of
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ella -- won deutsche welle's blog picture of the week. it shows the huge divide in the egyptian society. >> i took the picture six months ago. it was during clashes between supporters of the ousted president, mohamed morsi, and the security forces. it was a new experience. it was very close to home. >> the best of the blogs awards single out especially creative journalists, bloggers, and online activists who stand up for freedom of expression in repressive regimes. it's the 10th year in a row the dw has given the award -- row that dw has given the award. former president nicolas sarkozy was taken into custody on tuesday and to attain for nearly 15 hours of questioning. he faces allegations of influence and
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peddling related to an investigation into the financing of his 2007 election campaign. sarkozy is accused of using a magistrate to get insider information about the pro-. -- probe. the former president is currently embroiled in six legal cases. sarkozy denies all wrongdoing but the development could help his -- hurt his chances of a political comeback. members of his party have rushed to his defense. return to sarkozy's politics is always accompanied by some new legal episode. it appears as if there is an attempt to deliberately prevent his comeback. >> many french voters are already disillusioned with the political establishment. current president francois hollande has dismal approval ratings. many fear support for right-wing national front leader -- could now rise further. she said the case against sarkozy show the complete failure of the prints -- french political system. martin schultz was
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reelected as the president of the european parliament on tuesday. the large majority of lawmakers gave their backing to the social democrat. he was hoping to get the top job of commission president, but that has gone to luxembourg's former prime minister, jean-claude juncker. to use says he now wants his next term to strengthen the role of the european parliament and win back the trust of european voters, who opted in much larger numbers this time for eurosceptic parties. that has changed the makeup for the -- of the parliament. theireptic mp's turned backs as the european anthem was played. ♪ hundreds of thousands of protesters marched through the streets of hong kong on tuesday to call for greater democracy. annual july 1 rally marks
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hong kong's return to china in 1997. the year's march was one of biggest ever. discontent in hong kong is at its highest level in years after beijing insists it will have the last say over who can run for election in 2017 as the city's next leader. >> ukrainian president petro poroshenko appointed a new defense minister and the new army chief on wednesday. a military shakeup designed to make the ukrainian army more effective as it stepped up its offensive against pro-russian separatists in the east. but diplomatic efforts continue to focus on bringing an end to the fighting, which, for many in eastern ukraine, can't come soon enough. in this city, residents say the resumption of fighting this week was more than they could bear. are pension hasn't been paid
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for three months. no benefits. i don't know how we managed to live, on water and water. we see no meat or bread. >> at the end of the week, the ukrainian government announced important gains against the rebels. hundreds of thousands have fled the region this year. italy's prime minister called for a shift in europe's economic focus this week as his country took over the rotating eu presidency. the europeantold parliament new policies are needed for growth rather than austerity. >> we have a stability and growth act. we achieved stability, but where is the growth? i demand that growth becomes a central element of european economic policy. this will not only help italy, it will help all of europe. popular new leader described europe as a tired has been that needed to get out of its rut and create more jobs for
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the young. his comments drew concern from some european conservatives. even critical lawmakers hope renzi can generate enthusiasm for change and renewal at the european level. he will have his chance over the next six months. on wednesday, the world health organization urged drastic action in west africa to fight the world's worst known outbreak of the ebola virus. health ministers from across west africa traveled to a crisis meeting in ghana. >> our biggest challenge is denial here. people are very much afraid of the disease. >> the highly contagious virus people in over 460 guinea, liberia, and sierra leone since early this year. the death toll has risen by 38%
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in just the last week, triggering alarm across the region. ministers agreed to boost their surveillance to detect cases earlier and to improve public awareness. >> how much has the nsa been spying on germany? that was the question lawmakers in berlin began asking on thursday. parliamentary commission heard from a former senior employee of the nsa. he said the nsa wanted total information control over citizens. committee members were stunned by what they heard. complete mastery of information all over the world. they don't distinguish between friend or foe. they spy on their own citizens. and they don't have any qualms about buying on foreigners, which is what we are from the americans' -- about spying on foreigners, which is what we are from the americans' perspective. >>, strick said germany's bnd security service -- >> another
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said germany's bnd security service had been complicit. a member of the german intelligence agency had been arrested on suspicion of spying on the parliamentary committee. the german government called it a very serious matter. the federal prosecutor is looking into the case. there is a growing sense of indignation over u.s. spying. >> also on thursday, members of the jury and -- the german bundestag commemorated the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of world war i. a french political scientist gave the keynote address. the son of jewish parents, he said the two world wars changed germany more than any other country. world war was fought in europe, the middle east, africa, east asia, and at sea. 17 million people lost their lives.
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initial enthusiasm for the war turned to horror on all sides. over 100 ambassadors attended the commemoration. delegates highlighted present-day conflicts in the world and said it was important to learn from the lessons of the past. >> ♪ >> 32 turkish truck drivers held hostage in iraq for three weeks arrived home safely on thursday. they received a hero's welcome at the airport in turkey. they were captured during a lightning offensive against isis militants last month. the situation in iraq remains unstable. saudi arabia deployed 30,000 troops to its shared border with iraq thursday amid rumors the iraqi army had left to fight the militants, leaving the border unguarded. baghdad denied the soldiers had withdrawn. the army has made incremental gains against the sunni is still, but iraq without a functioning government
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after angry lawmakers failed to agree on a parliamentary speaker early in the week -- another indication of just how divided the country is. influential shiite calling for a are calling for unity government, but prime minister maliki has so far resisted. >> brazilian football fans were in shock on friday. neymar was left with a fractured vertebra, ruling him out for the rest of the world cup. brazil managed to win their match anyway, beating colombia to advance to the semifinal. >> ♪ >> brazil will now play germany, who are through to the semis after beating france, 1-0. thousands of fans celebrated in berlin. >> fantastic. i'm really excited. shame that it was only one goal, but it is great. we are through, that is all that counts. >> it was great. the main thing is we won,
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right? >> fans paraded through the center of berlin to celebrate the victory, bringing parts of the city to a standstill. many fans are already dreaming of the final. and that congg7 @%@%@%@
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